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What is BIXEPS ™?

All information and pictures are courtesy of Quantum Tx.

What does it do for me?

BIXEPS helps to empower your muscles from the inside-out. BIXEPS Magnetic Mitohormesis provides exercise benefits without physical strain. Tuned magnetic fields activate our Mitochondria, the cellular "power-house" found deep within muscle. Energised muscle perform better, recover faster, and signal the rest of body to adapt and get healthier.

How does it work?

BIXEPS works in these 3 ways:


BIXEPS is tuned and optimised to activate the Mitochondria, the "powerhouse" in every cell.


Activated muscles adapt by producing more energy to perform longer and recover stronger.


Activated muscle release Myokines into our blood that regulate other bodily functions like our metabolism, regeneration, and immunity.

Read the scientific study here.

Myokines as Medicine

Myokines are released during exercise and regulate multiple aspects of our health. 

Exercise is known to affect our immune system. Many research scientists have studied the effects of exercise on immunity and our current understanding is that moderate levels of exercise can enhance our immunity, and reduce risk of upper respiratory-tract infections.

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Just click, sit, and get fit! Each BIXEPS session lasts 10 minutes, and many people see benefits from a once a week session.

Like exercise, our bodies take time to adapt and the benefits build over time. The average time to see fuller results would be over a period of 12 weeks. 

To know more, see the FAQ here.

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All information and pictures are courtesy of Quantum Tx.

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