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"Jeanne started to take care of my health when I was 3 months pregnant. Before seeing her, I had a cold and a cough that won't go away and it was very uncomfortable. I was depressed and had insomnia. I had an unhealthy body and it was bad for my baby during pregnancy but I was so blessed because Jeanne treated me with her chiren without any drugs administered. I trusted her and the process and my body was constantly detoxed and healed. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She also treated my son. I was always excited visiting her home weekly with my family not only because of health reasons but because Jeanne was an amazing person. She is very intentional and caring. She supported us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She added so much value to us. Because of her, me and my family are living a healthy lifestyle now and I was never hospitalized ever since. Jeanne didn't really have to serve and heal people but she did. She helped so many people restore their health and I am just so blessed to be one of them. I will always be grateful to Jeanne."


—  Reeza Suarez

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